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The TRUTH hidden behind the real motives of Pattaya Addicts Forum Owners and Administrators.
Is it true that Pattaya Addicts and Pattaya Addicts Ladyboys is partial, biased and full of hidden issues?
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Here are just some testimonials of the Pattaya Business Owners and Banned Pattaya Addicts Forum Board Members
Note: The real names of these Pattaya Business Onwers (and their establishments) and Former Addicts Forum BMs have not been released for their own safety.
UPDATE June the 12th 2010: Bryan did finally complain to our host like a cry baby and our hosting company believed his lies resulting in immediate suspension of our account. The site was in fact offline for just 3 days and we are back online again and Bryan will have to repeat his lies and fabrications all over again!
This incident reminds us how it is possible for Bryan and his fellow goons to be able to post real people's names on their pathetic forum without recousrse so they thought but when others do the same they shout foul! Remember the old saying "What goes around comes around!"
- Team of Truth about Pattaya Addicts Forum.
Upon releasing Bryan's UK address for a month or so (thanks to one of our contributors!), we received this threat and excuse for the threat from Bryan on June the 2nd 2010:
"I like your website. Please remove my parents address and telephone number, and I promise not to get the site removed. I have asked nicely. I live in Thailand. Everyone knows that."
- Bryan.
Our reply :
"Although it is a great excuse, why does Bryan use this address in many of his domain registrations? Since when do sites get taken down for promoting "Freedom of Speech"? Why can Bryan and his fellow goons abuse indivuduals and businesses on their forums but others cannot say the truth about their misdeeds?"
- Team of Truth about Pattaya Addicts Forum.
"My mate and I started a bar in Soi Buakhao years before lk metro was developed. Everything was going smoothly until Bryan Flowers sent us an email inviting us to advertise with his lame ass forum. I never liked the idea because the addicts forum had already been known to be a site where old pennyless pensioners write their fantasies out and provide all the wrong information in town. However, my mate who was also my partner, somehow fell for it and we advertised with these arseholes for quite a while. The advertising was cheap so I didnt care and Bryan and his team members blew away most of the advertising money by spending in our bar but then Bryan and his staff got involved in lk metro by having partnerships in some of the bars in that area and all of a sudden demanded that the advertising fees be increased three times the existing fees. Obviously, my mate didnt agree and we decided not to advertise with them anymore and just after that all sorts of lies started surfacing on Bryan's site. My mate tried contacting them and in return got threatened that we continue advertising or Bryan will be sending his police friends over to our bar. Sure enough, Bryan did send his police friends over and we got closed for three months over and above my mate got thrown off his bike and beaten up one night while traveling with his girl. I was in the UK at that time, upon returning we reopened and got raided once again and closed for another month. My mate and I returned to UK and don't plan to return because of this arsehole. I'm glad that this site is taking the first step to show them their place."
- Ex Soi Buakow Bar Owners.
"I was a frequent visitor to Pattaya due to business interests. I had paid for some advertizing with Pattaya Addicts regarding a rental agency that I was setting up renting properties my then girlfriend and I owned and I paid a year up front. They took the money, but did not put the banners up I had so painstakingly designed. A few months after, whilst in Sattahip (my then girlfriend lives there with her family)I saw Bryan along with another prominent member of the Addicts board by the name of Alleycat (a shady character if ever there was, who kept twirling a knife whilst staring at my girlfriend in a menacing way). With them also were a few of there Thai friends. We confronted him about the banners and requested he return the money, but he became very aggressive and eventually threatened both of us with violence if I did not desist, or if I said anything further on the Addicts board. One of the Thai guys with him then covertly pulled out a gun to scare us off, which I admit had the desired effect and it really spooked my girlfriend (to the extent that I believe this incident kick started the demise of our relationship). I have told people this story, but no one believes me and I dared not go to the police for fear of reprisals from Bryan's connections with the police, so thankyou for this opportunity. I can do nothing now about the incident, but at least I can warn others about this guy. As a side note: Due to the split with my girlfriend and dealing with the loss of the properties as a result of the property/land laws that are so heavily biased toward the Thai's. My experiences have left me in ill health due to the stress. I blame Bryan for the downturn in my fortunes (my girlfriend became worried about her family and what might happen to them due to her knowing me and no amount of explanation could convince her otherwise) and I will never return to Chonburi due to my experiences."
- Rather not give a name.
"I started advertising my bar with Bryan and it was good for the first 6 months, but then business started going slow. Our bar is on soi b******, but for our own safety, I dont want to name the bar. I decided to stop advertising and Bryan got mad and demanded another 6 months worth of money from me. When we refused, he went crazy and beat me up, and i had to spend 42,000 baht on stitches, broken nose, while in hospital. Now Bryan is going around hitting other bar owners that stop paying, the times are tough enough."
- Scared Business Owner.
****** Deleted for this contributor's safety. (and I might add, there have been a number of similar postings on this same subject.)
"Me and my partner own a-go-go in walking street, we had been approached by Pattaya-Addicts' Owner himself way back in the days when he first started this shitty forum to advertise in their forum and we denied and since then we are being bad mouthed all over this pathetic forum."
- AGOGO in Pattaya Walking Street.
"My travel agency was destroyed and I had to finally close it because of the lies posted on Pattaya Addicts plus personal attacks to me and my family members so here is some personal information on the owner of that lame site. Owner's name is Bryan Flowers if I'm not wrong and his address in UK is 53 Leyland road Chapelfields Coventry ,CV5 8JA and Phone Number, (if the loser hasn't changed it yet) +44 2476672322."
- Ruined Business Owner.
"My Thai wife owns a Guesthouse in central pattaya, I had approached the Administrator of Pattaya Addicts for banner ads to be shown on their site. Their quoted prices were way too high and we had to back off and then we started being notified by our valued guests about all sorts of horrific stories written about our guest house in pattaya addicts forums. What hurts me is that they have gone upto the extent of even writing out bad comments about my wife and myself and use our real names. My Wife is horrified every time she reads these fake and biased comments!"
- Worried Guesthouse Owners in Central Pattaya
"I am an expat running a fun beer bar in pattaya soi 6 being approached by these assholes a several times, I finally fell for their talks one day when they promised me that in return of a year worth of advertising contract they would not only put my bars banner on their site but also write all sorts of good reviews to promote it extensively so I did the one year ad contract with them. Not only that, they also promised to take out any bad comments about my bar if ever a forum use posted one. As soon as I stopped my ad after the first year all the good reviews, comments and photographs of my bar were deleted many of which were posted by my friends from UK and to my utter horror I was informed by my friends that the forum was filled up with fake comments such as customers being cheated and con bar girls in my bar and what not!"
- Bar Owner in Pattaya Soi 6
"Bryan's (one of the the owners) under handed ways also include I believe registering/squatting on legitimate business names in the hope of redirecting traffic to his or other sites."
- One time Friend of Bryan and Pattaya Addicts who he once backstabbed, remember me Bryan? ;-)
Here are just a couple of many threats sent to us by Bryan's goons, we posted these as they were not as bad as many others:
"I think this is the most rediculous site i ever seen, a pathetic try to get back at a forum/owner that you are unhappy with. Get a fucking life instead of starting shitsites like this."
- Name not provided.
"Your so fucking dead the day I find out who you are and if your in thailand or uk i'll get you done."
- Name not provided.
"P***** Hotel Scammers, we will be making a visit soon and someone will get shot."
- Name Withheld.
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To preserve the integrity of all the individuals and businesses threatened and/or extorted; names details and relevant data have been withheld.